Virtual currency exchanges are recognized by many people

November 24, 2021 By admin 0

Currently, there are many cryptocurrency exchanges in the country as well as abroad. Let’s review the top recommended virtual currency exchanges for participants in the Blockchain market.

After many experiences owning and trading Bitcoin and other Altcoins, along with the reflection of the crypto community, we have come up with a ranking of today’s virtual currency exchanges.


Topping the list of recommendations because of its advantages and convenience: Rich coins, large trading volume, free OTC trading floor, Margin loans support for many markets.

Is a major exchange of China and Southeast Asia. Huobi was originally developed in China. However, after the strict regulations on Crypto trading, Huobi has grown and developed worldwide. In Vietnam, since 2018 Huobi has established a representative office in Ho Chinh Minh. Along with a series of programs, airdrops, and markets, Huobi has really shown its serious ambition in developing the market.

Transaction fee: 0.2%/ each transaction. Owning Huobi Token will receive a 25% fee reduction.


Binance is the world’s largest digital currency exchange, founded in Shanghai, China by Changpeng Zhao – CEO of Beiji Technology and currently has many headquarters in countries such as Korea, Malta , USA, Singapore and many other countries. With the right paths, Binance has always maintained its leading position and is a trusted address for crypto-asset investors on the Blockchain market.

Although this exchange does not have an exchange, the transaction fee is quite cheap. You can buy crypto from Huobi or Remitano and then transfer it to Binance for trading.

Transaction fee: 0.1%/ each transaction. If you own Binance Coin, the transaction fee will be reduced by 25%.


Remitano is a product of Babylon Solutions Limited – founded in Seychelles, providing a guaranteed P2P Tether USDT trading solution where anyone buys and sells Tether USDT easily and absolutely securely with a simple yet effective interface. efficient, friendly customer support team 24/7 and lowest transaction fees. Remitano is built by highly specialized teams with experience working in professional banking systems and in building systems in Finance, Cryptocurrencies, Payment Systems and Software Development.

Currently, Remitano is provided and used in many countries such as USA, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Campodia, China and is being developed and expanded every day.

However, the disadvantage of Remitano is high transaction fees, few Altcoin pairs. However, with a growing Team, the future of Remitano is expected.

Transaction fee: 1% per transaction. The transaction fee is 0% if you are the person who posts buy/sell news on the exchange.


Fast, safe and stable trading floor is an important factor to help investors feel more secure when participating in their investment projects. One of the exchanges trusted by investors is Bittrex.

Bittrex is a legal virtual currency (cryptocurrency) exchange based on the US legal system, headquartered in the US and one of the first companies licensed to operate for cryptocurrency transactions. in New York City.

The transaction fee of this exchange is at 0.25% per transaction.