Top Network First IEO Project on Huobi Prime

November 24, 2021 By admin 0

Top Network (TOP) is the first IEO project on Huobi Prime, one of the few IEO projects bringing profits to investors up to now.

What is Top Network (TOP)?

TOP Network is a decentralized open communication network powered by blockchain 4.0 technology. It provides decentralized cloud communication services such as messaging, VoIP, video, streaming, VPN, CDN, IoT data sharing, storage and much more. With APIs and SDKs provided by TOP Network, developers can build communication apps – For example, messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat, VoIP apps like Skype, VPN services like SkyVPN and live streaming applications without developing their own media stack and implementing their own network.

What problem does Top Network (TOP) solve?

TOP Network helps to reduce development costs and network costs for developers. Furthermore, all apps running on Top Network are interoperable, while apps like WeChat, WhatsApp and Telegram, built on proprietary centralized systems, are completely separate from each other. On this distributed and peer-to-peer P2P network, nodes mine Top tokens by providing communication services to the network instead of through the old proof-of-work (POW) mechanism which consumes large amounts of energy. quantity.

Overview of TOP . network

Overview TOP Architecture

TOP is an ecosystem for cloud communication services. Miners, developers, Dapps and end users are the main participants in the ecosystem. Top Token is the native cryptocurrency for the economy of TOP activities.

TOP’s underlying infrastructure layer has four components:
1) TOP communication network is a distributed network for cloud communication services. TOP Storage Network is a distributed network for storage services. TOP Chain is a distributed ledger. And finally TOP Off-chain is a reliable off-chain processor.

What is TOP Token and the benefits of TOP Token

TOP Token is the currency that connects all parties in the TOP Network ecosystem.

It will promote economic growth in TOP ecosystem. Because TOP really has two independent and globally connected platforms – TOP Network provides two platforms, public blockchain and cloud communication services. Although there are two platforms, they are connected to each other through Top Token: one for the cloud communication service, the other for the public blockchain platform.

Conditions to participate in IEO

People who want to participate in Top’s IEO must hold daily average of 500 HT for 30 days before Prime Trade, as the first trading of Prime trade is about to start, so the threshold on this trade is not required. demand for user holdings. Subsequent HT holding requirements may be subject to slight changes in HT price movements and adjusted to accommodate project announcements.