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Blockchain (or ledger) is a database system that allows the storage and transmission of blocks of information. They are linked together by encryption.

These information blocks operate independently and can expand over time. They are managed by system participants and not through an intermediary.

That is, when a block of information is written to the Blockchain system, there is no way to change it. More can only be added when everyone agrees.

The block of information we are talking about is the actual exchanges and transactions.

Blockchain technology allows the exchange of assets/transactions without the presence of a third party or based on trust. In other words, Blockchain is the foundation for the birth of smart contracts.

The potential of Blockchain-based systems is being recognized more and more. The need to create pilot projects and products has grown rapidly. The demand for Blockchain Developer has been increasing since then.

Applications of Blockchain Technology

Based on the Blockchain platform, many applications have been born such as Uber, AirBnB, but the most prominent ones are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar Lumens. Blockchain technology is really a bright spot in the industrial revolution 4.0.

Blockchain Game

Blockchain games are said to be the new breeze of the gaming industry. This is a game built on Blockchain platform – cryptocurrency building platform. Thanks to that, Blockchain game is evaluated as the exploitation potential of the game industry.

From time immemorial, traditional video games have been built on rigid technological foundations. This means that the player’s items will always be stuck in the account. And no unit intends to upgrade them to newer versions.

However, since the advent of Blockchain games, it has helped to solve this rigidity. Thanks to the Blockchain platform, the information will be adjusted and processed by the Smart contract. And the information in the Virtual currency experience will be easily reused and analyzed. This means that gamers can own items in the Blockchain game and easily exchange them for other players at any time.

Outstanding Features of Blockchain Game


This is a preeminent feature in Blockchain games compared to traditional electronic games. Instead of gamers’ valuable items previously only concentrated on one server. Now, with the Blockchain platform, the assets or items in the game will be distributed and distributed among many players (users). And to trade assets in the Blockchain game, you just need to use the token of the Blockchain game maker or other ready-made unit.

Data reuse

Every item in the Blockchain game is designed and stored based on a database. That is, all assets in the Virtual currency experience of the player are managed by tokens. And even if the player’s account is deleted, the valuable item is still publicly available. So, all these items are reusable and can be bought and sold easily on the Blockchain game exchange market.

Thanks to this special feature, you will no longer be frustrated because you have wasted a lot of money, time… to plow your favorite game, but your account is deleted for many reasons. And gamers will have many opportunities to access and use token applications in Blockchain. Not only that, gamers will not have to depend on any type of fixed game. Because simply, valuable assets or items in the Virtual currency experience will not be lost.

Token Economy (Tokenomic)

In the Virtual currency experience, the tokenomic feature helps to create interest groups and pull various assets in the network. That is, gamers use tokens to design rewards, create many assets and contribute to promoting the operation of Virtual currency experience.

Transparency about item values ​​and rewards

Blockchain platforms are known for their transparency and verifiability. And games on Blockchain will also maintain this property, so the reliability will be higher. That is, the value of rewards and items in the Virtual currency experience are all verifiable.

Therefore, you can feel more secure when participating in the Virtual currency experience, especially gambling. And thanks to this transparency, the risk of fraud through the game is also limited. In particular, although it is a reward and item in the game, it has real-life property value.


Bitcoin is a digital currency released as open source software. Bitcoin was released in 2009 by a mysterious figure nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto. This virtual currency can be exchanged directly using an Internet-connected device without going through an intermediary financial institution. This is the pioneering Blockchain platform in today's growing cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin Mining Industry Fully Recovered After China Ban

Bitcoin Mining Industry Fully Recovered After China Ban

Bitcoin mining has fully recovered from China’s crypto crackdown that left more than half of the world’s miners in a pinch overnight in mid-May of this year. Recovery is measured by looking at hashrate, a term used to describe the computing power of all miners in the Bitcoin network. China has long been the epicenter […]


Altcoins are digital currencies born after Bitcoin. Most Altcoins are encrypted from Bitcoin. Each type of Altcoin will be handled and used for different purposes.

IDO AdaSwap Launches On Cardstarter

IDO AdaSwap Launches On Cardstarter

The first decentralized exchange on the Cardano network, AdaSwap is launching a token sale on Cardstarter. In fact, AdaSwap is pooling 80 million ASW tokens, each selling for $0.005. This will come in at the projected amount of $400,000. Furthermore, this pool is just a donation. Another 50% will go to TGE and another 50% […]


Ethereum is a blockchain distributed computing platform that runs on Blockchain technology, through the use of smart contract functionality. Ethereum can perform transactions, peer-to-peer network contracts through the cryptocurrency unit Ether (ETH). Not only that, they are also considered a useful application platform and create their own distributed financial ecosystem. Ethereum was introduced in late 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, with the desire to create a coin that overcomes the shortcomings of Bitcoin.

What is Ethereum Name Service?

What is Ethereum Name Service?

In the early days of the web, to access a website you needed to enter an IP address, a string of numbers that is difficult to remember and almost impossible to guess. After that, the web surfing process becomes simpler with names that are easy for people to read. Likewise, the current cryptocurrency is like […]

What is Yield Farming?
What is DYdX?
What is DYdX?
12 - 02 -2021

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Things to know when entering the virtual currency market in 2022

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Litecoin Network Launches OmniLite to Facilitate Token Generation and NFT

Litecoin Network Launches OmniLite to Facilitate Token Generation and NFT

The Litecoin Foundation announced the launch of OmniLite earlier this week, a protocol that allows developers to issue tokens and NFTs on the Litecoin network. Litecoin Joins the NFT Space Tokens generated through OmniLite can be considered an extension of Litecoin, so token transactions are recorded on its blockchain. As a result, all digital assets […]

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XRP Army wants to pressure the SEC through Joe Rogan podcast

XRP Army wants to pressure the SEC through Joe Rogan podcast

In an effort to fight the SEC, the XRP Army is rallying support so that Attorney John Deaton can appear on the Joe Rogan podcast. Attorney Deaton is a prominent figure in opposing the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple. He is known for his role through the Amicus Curiae proposal for 65,000 XRP holders, allowing investors […]


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EOS community stops distributing 67 million tokens ($250 million) to Block.One

EOS community stops distributing 67 million tokens ($250 million) to Block.One

The EOS community has decided to stop ongoing payments to BlockOne – the company behind the project. This decision was made following ongoing debates in the community about the reliability of BlockOne, stating that the company has hindered the network from centralizing. ENF vs. BlockOne The conflict between the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) and BlockOne […]

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Bitcoin Cash upgrade successful, network works as intended

Bitcoin Cash upgrade successful, network works as intended

The Bitcoin Cash upgrade has been successfully applied to the blockchain, bringing a host of features aimed at improving the overall user experience. This upgrade marks the beginning of a new upgrade schedule that will allow developers to invest more time in testing new features added to the protocol in the future. Bitcoin Cash Update […]