Instructions to earn cryptocurrencies with Faucet

November 22, 2021 By admin 0

Faucet is a type of website or software that allows you to receive a free amount of cryptocurrency. In return, they will place ads on these Faucets to make a profit. Some exchanges place Faucet on their website simply to attract more views.

Previously there was only Bitcoin Faucet, but now there are many Faucets for different cryptocurrencies, so collectively called Crypto Faucet.

Step-by-step instructions for earning free crypto coins in Crypto with Faucet

What it takes to earn free money with Faucet

Wallet containing the cryptocurrency you want to receive

If you want to receive any cryptocurrency, you must own a wallet that can hold that coin, for example, if you want to receive Doge for free, you must have a Doge wallet, You can directly use the exchange’s wallet or some wallets An intermediary specialized in receiving cryptocurrencies such as FaucetCrypto. It is not recommended to use an exchange wallet address if they have a minimum deposit requirement as you will lose all the coins received. Prioritize using the Binance exchange because this exchange usually does not require a minimum deposit and holds a lot of different coins.

Computer or mobile device with regular internet access

The feature of making money from Faucet is that you have to regularly visit these Faucet to click, if you can’t be online often earn very little money from Faucet.

Internet banking or e-wallet

After receiving the cryptocurrencies, you have to sell them to convert to cash, without InternetBanking services or e-wallets like MoMo, it is very difficult to receive money.

Find Faucet to get crypto coins

After having the above tools, you have to go to the faucets to start making money. You just need to use google search to see a lot of different Faucets.

Some websites that list a lot of different Faucets like Codecanyon will save you a lot of time searching for Faucets and filtering out those that earn too little coin.

Sell ​​the received Crypto to exchange for cash

After you have a decent amount of cryptocurrency, you can sell your cryptocurrency through exchanges with P2P or OTC functions like Binance, Remitano or sell directly to others (not recommended because of the risk) risk of fraud, should only sell to people you can trust)

Is Crypto Faucet a scam?

This is not a fraudulent form of making money, but you can completely be fooled by unreliable Faucet or they do not have enough revenue to maintain the website to pay you, they often close the website without paying. number of coins that have not been withdrawn. Encourage you to find reputable Faucets to make money, limit the use of Faucets with too sketchy interface but pay unusually high value coins.

Should I earn free money by receiving Crypto via Faucet?

This depends on you. Making free money with Faucet is not much but simple, less time consuming, suitable for beginners in the electronic market. Moreover, you can combine Crypto Faucet with other forms of free money such as receiving Airdrops, Shortlinks, PTC, etc and many different forms to increase the number of coins you receive. A lot of Faucet have a commission for people who refer their Faucet, you can earn quite a bit of crypto money if you refer a good Faucet to many people. Who knows, later on, the meager coins you earn will increase in price by 10, 100 times.