Find out about Mist Ethereum wallet

Mist Wallet is one of the wallets for storing crypto assets in the Ethereum ecosystem. The wallet is widely used by the Ethereum community because of its mobility in use.

Mist Wallet is one of the main Ethereum wallets most used by computer users. Mist is certainly capable of supporting ERC20 tokens including credit contracts. It only makes sense to have a desktop that supports all the features the network has to offer. Note that storing coins in a desktop wallet is always a bit risky as desktops are often targeted by criminals and hackers. Take the necessary precautions when possible.

1. Advantages of Mist wallet

Open source, allowing use on computers and compatible with Linux operating system.

2. Disadvantages of Mist wallet

Quite complicated, requires users to install the correct versions and have to regularly update them.

When you install Mist on your computer, it will take some time for it to sync with other computers in the Ethereum Blockchain system. After this process it will ask you to set up a security password. It is imperative that you remember this password because there is no other way to access it if you forget it. Please save this password in a place you think is most secure and safe. as it relates to your property. Absolutely do not give this password to anyone, even if it is the person you trust the most, because people’s hearts often change over time.

Mist wallet is easy to confuse with a weather phenomenon

Hearing Mist, we immediately think of us as an early morning weather phenomenon. However, Mist here is a noun, they are simply the proper name of a tool that helps you store your cryptocurrency. It is this that hinders the development of Mist wallet, because this greatly affects people’s thinking.

Mist is built to make buying and selling between cryptocurrencies easy and fast. Currently Mist only supports computer platforms such as Mac, Window and Linux.

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