Dragon Pool issues DP -NFT Token airdrop for the gaming community

NFT games are one of the most popular trends in the cryptocurrency market in general and the world game market in particular. Not only was it launched at a special time when the world entered the post-pandemic recovery phase and people were more open to post-distancing technology, NFT also possessed limitless potentials so it was not Stop attracting global investors and startups. Therefore, there are many NFT games on the market today. But to choose a reputable NFT game and increase the participants’ assets is not an easy thing.

Game NFT Dragon Pool

As one of the hottest NFT games at the moment, Dragon Pool not only applies NFT technology well on the market but also applies its own technologies to bring its own resonance and improve the experience for users. play. The plot is attractive, the game interface is friendly, the technology platform is solid and constantly updated, especially the profitability from DP – NFT Token, the main currency of the game has been attracting a large number of people. large participation since market launch.

Dragon Pool game has a simple confrontation, so anyone, of any age and level can participate, as long as there is a strategy suitable for their financial capacity. Each player participating will own a collection of one or more dragons – the main character in the game. The raised dragons are tasked with participating in combat to bring value to the owner. Dragon Pool evaluates players by skill and strategy through levels achieved in the game, thereby offering a reasonable reward.

DP – NFT Token with Airdrop campaign promises to bring global wave

From the perspective of an investor instead of a gamer, it is possible to evaluate the intelligence in the path of Dragon Pool when entering the market. Instead of ITO, ICO causes competition and puts pressure on participants to raise huge capital in one time or the outcome of the effort depends a lot on the element of chance, Drangon Pool chooses the way deploying AirDrop and Presale programs right in the early stages.

From November 25 to December 5, there will be a special opportunity for participants to own the first DP -NFT Tokens of Dragon Pool by participating in a very simple Airdrop campaign but the total reward is extremely valuable. treat. Participants have the choice to join the campaign with whatever mission is most relevant to the community you are building through activities at Social Media, Youtube and your partner network.

Minimum number of referral partners 20 partners

It can be affirmed that at this moment, Airdrop is the best, cheapest and fastest way to spread information globally through the Internet. A reasonable and appropriate form of marketing in the context of the epidemic has changed people’s research, investment and earning behavior. Besides, this form helps Dragon Pool reach many target customers and nurture them from small investors to big and create a foundation and reputation for the game.

Dragon Pool and the next solid steps into the international market

In addition to its unique market approach, Dragon NFT instills confidence in participants with nine solid steps based on the sustainable development plan announced by the company’s representative.

The first phase at the end of 2021, after the Airdrop campaign, the project will start the DP -NFT Token Presale phase and also list the Token on DEX Pancakeswap, overlay information on Coingecko, list on CEX top, see as the 2nd Airdrop campaign. Especially during the important period at the end of this year, namely November 25, 2021, the first beta game will officially “launch” the game market and electronic finance.

Besides, the Dragon Pool project has been updated on the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms including: Coinmarketcap, Coingeco, BscScan, Poolcoin, Dextool, Coinhot and SafePal.

The next phase in March 2022, the official Game version will be aired along with the 3rd Airdrop campaign. Also in this period, the company will promote the upgrading of game features such as the purchase and sale of items. for dragon embryos, a daily reward system to maximize participants’ income.

DP – NFT Token will be listed on Coinmarketcap along with version 2 of Dragon Pool game in phase 3 (June 2022).

The final phase of Dragon Pool’s short-term development is the most complete version of the game as it introduces a new type of dragon, specifically with dragon farming, allowing participants to own and buy their own homes. Dragon. At the same time, building a game platform on iOS and Android operating systems to advance to the rankings and organize competitions on a worldwide scale.

In short, 11/25 will be an important occasion for those who are following the NFT game series in general and Dragon Pool in general when both launching the game and launching the airdrop campaign. Once started, the Airdrop campaign will soon begin and spread to every corner of the e-finance and NFT gaming industry. There will be no remake, so next time, Dragon Pool will be the name mentioned in every topic of the newspapers and present in every investment portfolio of the financial market.

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