Difference between NEO and Ethereum

What is the difference between NEO and Ethererum? That is the question we often get, especially because they are supposed to be identical. In the world of Cryptocurrency, NEO is considered the “Ethereum of China” because people think it is the “Chinese version” of the North American crypto network Ethereum.

But that was a complete mistake. The two currencies are different and investors need to understand that.

To put it simply, think Ethereum is your first generation Smart TV and NEO is the next generation Ultra 4K HD TV. This comparison couldn’t be any simpler.

Both NEO and Ethereum offer decentralized solutions for their users, allowing them to share anything of value (such as money, real estate papers, confidential data …) privately and secure, without the supervision of a third party like a bank, government organization or private business.

But NEO is equipped with more advanced features, faster, safer, and more user-friendly than Ethereum.

4 differences between NEO and Ethereum

First, NEO is more scalable than Ethereum. This simply means it can process more transactions per second compared to Ethereum. Is it any big deal? Yes, because it will save you time.

Let’s say you send and receive money for someone using Ether (Ethereum’s crypto token) but there are already about 1000 people lining up in front of you. That means you have to line up and wait for your turn. With NEO, however, your waiting time is significantly reduced.

The current Ethereum network capacity is 15 transactions per second (although the founders of Ethereum are trying to scale it). In contrast, NEO can process 1000 transactions per second.

Second, NEO is more user-friendly (developer-friendly, rather), because it supports more programming languages ​​than Ethereum. It’s like going to a Chinese restaurant with dozens of dishes on the menu. With the NEO cryptocurrency, you can only choose the “Happy Meal” portion. Since NEO targets a diverse range of users, it has a much better chance of gaining popularity earlier than by Ethereum.

With more developers on its platform, it is likely that NEO will create a large number of DApps in the long term. DApps are practical applications including the use of this cryptocurrency.

Third, NEO ensures integrity in the value of your investment. It is built in such a way that it does not allow unexpected hard forks to split its network. This is in contrast to Ethereum, which underwent an unexpected hard fork splitting its network into two, creating Ethereum and Ethereum Classic – two separate cryptocurrencies.

Are you feeling confused? That’s what Ethereum investors went through when they first learned of the split. Essentially, some Ethereum investors found holes in the network and disagreed with how the founding team solved the problem, so they split the network and created a Blockchain with cryptocurrency. their own.

In the end, the average Joe guys who had lost sleep were wondering what would happen to their investments. The hard fork event created an air of uncertainty, and NEO wanted to deal with such incidents by not allowing hard forks to happen on its network.

Fourth, the biggest difference between NEO and Ethereum is “GAS” – a unique reward distributed by NEO to investors holding NEO coins. GAS is a form of dividend paid out by the network to owners of NEO tokens. That’s right, a dividend!

Unlike Ethereum where the reward is distributed only to Ether miners, NEO rewards all NEO holders with dividends because NEO tokens are not mined.
Well, that sounds like a push to own this coin.

Here is a summary of the differences between NEO and Ethereum:

NEO and Ethereum: Where should I invest?

At a glance, NEO will be much better than Ethereum. But don’t rush.

Don’t forget Ethereum is still the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, in terms of market capitalization. On top of that, the founder of Ethereum – Vitalik Buterin recently revealed the future roadmap of the next version of Ethereum technology – Ethereum 2.0 – then NEO will be nothing compared to Ethereum.
This leaves them in a confused situation: should we buy Ethereum or NEO?

So, why choose once you can have both “ten and ten”?

The point is this, there are over 1300 cryptocurrencies in existence. Of course you can’t buy them all, but there’s no rule that prohibits you from buying more than one.

It is clear that both Ethereum and NEO have their advantages and disadvantages. However, their advantages outweigh the repositories compared to most other cryptocurrencies.

NEO and Ethereum: Future potential
When comparing the price history of Ethereum and NEO it can be seen that both of these coins used to be great investments in 2017.

Both have grown exponentially so far, so at their pace, this could continue in 2018.

Both Ethereum and NEO offer promising prospects. As mentioned earlier, Ethereum 2.0 is in the works and once it launches, it could be a game changer. Ethereum is already the second largest Blockchain network after Bitcoin, and can still ensure its growth in the coming years.

Ethereum’s price is currently at $ 850 and is expected to reach over $ 1,000 this year, which was mentioned in Ethereum’s 2018 price forecast.

Globally, NEO, nicknamed “Ethereum China” is implementing plans to expand its network. The NEO founder shared his plan to take the market out of China. Meanwhile, NEO is expanding in the country, where there is support from the Chinese government.

NEO’s coin price is hovering around $ 120 and it is expected that NEO price in 2018 will stand firm at $ 100 – $ 200.
However at this point, I need to warn me that even though NEO has grown 5 digits in return, it can be called a volatile investment. Its route has too many ups and downs followed by sudden drops. On the contrary, Ethereum is more stable.

So if the risk is too much for you, you can still choose a firmer path.


The difference between NEO and Ethereum is too obvious to be ignored. NEO – “The Ethereum of the East” is not the same as the real Ethereum. Obviously, if the two are the same, then there is no incentive for investors to choose NEO over the more popular Ethereum.

If you ask who won the battle of NEO and Ethereum, I have to confess that I cannot tell you who won. But the bull market in cryptocurrencies continues in 2018, with both NEO and Ethereum likely to deliver high returns on investment.

At the end of the day your choice will depend on the size of your nest egg. For a total of $ 5,000, you can only buy 10 ether. Conversely, you can buy 10 NEO coins for as little as $ 330 and still have enough money to invest in something else.

Remember that diversifying your portfolio will limit your risk and deliver better returns. So invest wisely!

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