Codyfight Token aspires to be the heart of the entire Codyfight economy

Codyfight is sprinting and will be releasing an exclusive demo for curated and mentored testers. Soon, NFT gamers, programmers, and artists will be able to join Codyfight and experience mind battles, unleash your imagination with NFT skins and assets, and earn CTOK and more creative work. create.

Codyfight Token (CTOK) is an ERC20 token that can be traded on the Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain blockchains, with an initial supply of 127,000,000. Below is a table describing the CTOK allocation:

Systematic Table of Tokenomics

CTOK is the main driver of the entire Codyfight economy. CTOK is used to execute in-game transactions (e.g. trade, buy NFTs), reward early joiners, creative players and artists who contributed NFT assets and are used used for staking as well as in platform governance. So specifically, how does Codyfight design how to operate CTOK?

As an internal currency

CTOK serves the purpose of sustaining Codyfight’s economy. With CTOK, users can trade NFT skins, CKeys, robot nameplates.

Early Platform Join Bonus

Prior to the official release, anyone who has supported Codyfight during the game’s development as well as on social media channels will be shortlisted to join the platform soon.

As early adopters of Codyfight, users will receive a unique limited edition NFT skin for their character. NFT outfit values ​​are predicted to increase over time.

Rewards for players and artists

All future Codyfight participants can reap rewards from in-game activities, including playing, creating AI scenarios, designing character skins, and more.

For serious gamers, CTOK is very useful in awarding winners for a pretty decent fee.

Capturing the legendary agent Llama – will also earn players a great CTOK, regardless of the game mode. Therefore, even beginners can prioritize catching Llama to earn CTOK.

Digital artists can design, paint, and publish robot skins for the Community NFT Skin store. From there, they can earn extra passive income from Codyfight even without playing the game.

Staking with attractive interest rates

Staking can be a great way to use crypto to generate passive income, especially CTOK offers high interest rates for staking. People can staking CTOK to provide liquidity and earn rewards from it.

Decentralized administration

When it comes to blockchain games, decentralization comes into the spotlight as they give the community the power to change the game development process instead of the monopoly of the developers.

Each member of the Codyfight community will contribute by voting for or against upcoming game mechanics and features. Holding as many CTOKs as possible has a significant impact on voting.

In addition, early Codyfight Token (CTOK) holders will have the right to participate in the purchase of NFT assets before the official release of the game and be invited to experience the new features of the platform.

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