Bitmain S19XP Bitcoin Miner

November 26, 2021 By admin 0

The Bitmain S19XP model uses a 5 nm chip manufactured by TSMC, costs $ 10,500 and has a processing capacity of 140 billion hashes per second.

Antminer S19XP is the new version announced this month of the S19 series, first launched in mid-2020. S19XP claims to be 27% more powerful and 27% more energy efficient than the current flagship S19 Pro series.

Bitmain has begun accepting orders with a starting price of 10,500 USD/machine and is expected to deliver the first products to customers from the third quarter of next year.

The S19 XP on display at the WDMS event. Photo: Twitter/DenisRusinovich.

The manufacturer says that the S19XP can process 140 billion hashes per second (TH/s), compared to 110 TH/s of the S19 Pro series or 11.5 TH/s of the S9 series popular in many Bitcoin mining pools. .

Each S19XP consumes about 3,010 W, equivalent to 21.5 W per TH (W/TH), significantly lower than the S19 Pro’s 29.55 W/TH. This is thanks to the semiconductor chips manufactured using TSMC’s 5 nm process, compared to the 7 nm chips on previous S19 models.

The product’s price of 10,500 USD is equivalent to 75 USD/TH, lower than 105 USD/TH of many excavator models on the secondary market. This difference makes up for the 7-10 month waiting period from order to delivery, possibly even longer if global chip shortages and supply chain bottlenecks continue.

According to Forbes, Bitmain aims to ship 20,000 S19XP units per month. However, this number can change depending on many factors in the supply chain, or the impact of the Chinese government’s ban on mining and trading virtual currencies in the middle of the year.

Minings in North America may be the first to own such machines. When in operation, the total mining capacity of the entire Bitcoin network will increase significantly, making older machines like the S9 become obsolete and less efficient. At that time, the S9 will only bring profits in places where electricity prices are extremely cheap, while newer models will still maintain profits but at a much lower rate.