Bitcoin Cash upgrade successful, network works as intended

The Bitcoin Cash upgrade has been successfully applied to the blockchain, bringing a host of features aimed at improving the overall user experience. This upgrade marks the beginning of a new upgrade schedule that will allow developers to invest more time in testing new features added to the protocol in the future.

Bitcoin Cash Update Applied Successfully

According to a tweet by Bitcoin Info, the latest Bitcoin Cash update that proposes a series of key changes was successfully applied to the network on Saturday afternoon. The upgrade offers improvements that help address the user experience. and provides better security against double spending.

The new features have been applied to the chain without issue, and at the time of writing, 82 blocks have been mined with the new rules, according to Coin Dance. This update marks a new era in how developers manage protocol updates, in contrast to the way things were done before.

The upgrade brings two new proposals to standardize and improve protocol development: A new annual update schedule that will help developers write and test new features more thoroughly, and CHIPs (Cash Improvements). Proposals – Proposal for Cash Improvements) is intended to introduce these features to users and miners before they go live.

In addition, the feature of removing the unconfirmed on-chain transaction limit is also applied and users are testing the feature.

No problem this time

Bitcoin Cash has had many complicated stories when it comes to applying updates. Just last year, the network had to perform a controversial hard fork when the developers of the most dominant node, Bitcoin ABC, proposed a new set of rules.

This set of rules changed the way mining rewards were distributed, giving Bitcoin ABC a percentage of it. Much of the community consisting of other node software groups decided to let the ABC development team leave. Bitcoin Cash retained the BCH symbol and most of the hashrate at the time. Bitcoin ABC has forked out completely, creating its own chain.

But even before that, Bitcoin Cash was hit with another controversial hard fork that led leading Bitcoin ABC developer Amaury Sechet to protest Craig Wright over specific changes. This inconsistency gave birth to BSV, through an event known at the time as a hash competition, in which miners who supported one chain fought against those who supported the other.

82 blocks mined with new rules | Source: Coin Dance

The developers have now learned from past mistakes, acknowledged the problem, and are betting on an independent development process with CHIP at its heart. CHIP is now the structure to follow for proposing changes and finding consensus to enable or deny them, avoiding the familiar pitfalls that come with centralized development.

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